picture of Hong Kong skyline at night by Luxury Cruise & Travel

Hong Kong is made up of islands, consequently when deciding where to stay, you have to first start with which island you want to stay on.

Lantau Island contains the airport, and for tourists, the Big Budha Statue. Also there, is the aerial tram to the Po Lin Monastery called the Ngong Ping 360.

If you choose to stay in Hong Kong there is many things to do to pass the day. The Hong Kong Visitors Board provides a nice site in english, with ideas of things to do.

Not to be missed is the evening, is the light show at the waterfront in Hong Kong. A cruise across the bay on the historic Star Cruiser line during the light show adds to the drama. There is choreographed lights and music, as crowds gather to watch the spectacle.

The typical tourist activities always includes the Peak, accessed by the tram, or by public bus. A ride on the tram is unforgettable, as the train up at such a steep incline.



picture of Repulse Bay by Luxury Cruise & travel

A pleasant side trip from Hong Kong is Repulse Bay. Here you will find a pleasant beach, a historic museum, temples, and this charming memorial to the invasion of Repulse Bay that drove out the pirates.


Public busses are clean, efficient, and readily available, and make a great way for tourists and locals alike to get around.

Whether it is a business trip, or a vacation, Hong Kong makes an excellent sport to enjoy for a few days.

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