Discover the unexpected when you try snorkeling, and forget about reality for a while. Whether it is your first time, or your hundredth time there is always something new to discover.  There are lots of colorful fish, many types of coral, sponges, sea turtles, and creatures you can not even imagine, all hidden just a few feet below the surface of the water.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What can you do to make your snorkel experience better? Consider some of the supplies the divers use. A set of fins in helpful, as you can move through the water faster & easier.  If you are new, or even not so new a life vest is a great safety precaution, in case you get a cramp, or become tired. Prevabesafni .  Also check the seal on your mask, if it leaks, you wont be able to enjoy your snorkel, also try mask seal, a product designed to keep water out, available at dive shops & sporting goods stores. Finally get some sea drops, you really dont want your mask fogging up,  and these or other products like them will ensure you have a good experience.


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