So you have decided to take a cruise, but now you wonder which islands should I visit?

Lighthouse at the Nassau Cruise port

There are 4 typical itineraries for a Caribbean Cruise: the Bahamas(which technically are not Caribbean), the Eastern, Western & Southern Caribbean. In this post I will cover the Bahamas.

Most first time cruisers begin with a shorter cruise of 3-5 nights. This is a great way to sample cruising to decide if you enjoy the experience, and most of these cruises visit the Bahamas.

Most ships stop at Nassau. So what is there to do?

  1. See the Atlantis Resort. There are several choices of packages at this mega-resort/water park/aquarium/casino. You can get a ferry from near the cruise port to a location near the Hotel, or take a taxi
  2. History buffs may enjoy seeing the Queens Staircase carved by slaves, and the historic buildings.
  3. The nearest public beach is Junkano Beach. A short taxi ride away is the famous Cable Beach, one other way to get there is take the #10 Jitney which is a bit tricky to find off the main port terminal, but if you can bypass all the chaos of the taxi terminal, make your way to the street turn right and follow the sidewalk around until you see the McDonalds. You can catch the bus here for exact change $1.25, however all the beaches are not free, so either pay a resort fee, or go to the public beach.
  4. Snorkel tours can be arranged through the ship, or on your own. Stuarts Cove is one popular location. You can snorkel for free at Love Beach, however you would need to set up a taxi there and for your return as taxis are not plentiful.
  5. Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon Island
  6. If you enjoy Mardi Gras, check out the Junkanoo Expo

Freeport, Grand Bahama sees less cruise ship traffic, but still boasts many things to do. The port itself is in more of an industrial area, so you will have to pay for transportation to do anything.

  1. Snorkeling tours both through the ship & on your own
  2. Horseback riding on the beach
  3. Grand Bahamas island tour
  4. Visit Lucaya National Park, and see Gold Rock Beach
  5. Go to Port Lucaya, enjoy the shopping ,and the public beaches.

private island beach by luxury cruise and travel

Finally, almost all cruise lines have a private island in the Bahamas. Here there is really nothing to decide, except if there are any extra activities you would like to do. Otherwise enjoy the beach chairs, walk along the beautiful beaches, or fins a hammok and take a siesta. Just remember to bring your sunscreen & towel, and find he pavilion for the tasty lunch the cruise line sets out.

No matter what you enjoy, there is something in the Bahamas for you, so get out there and just have fun.

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