So you have decided to go on a cruise, and you have never cruised before. The first thing your travel agents asks, is inside, outside, or balcony cabin? How can you determine which cabin is right for you?


Here are several ways to help narrow down the choices.

Is this an Alaska cruise? Since so much of this cruise travels the inside passage where mountains rise on both sides of the ship, it is definitely better to have a room with a view. Most agents will suggest to splurge on a balcony if you can, so you have a panoramic view of the action. Your ships naturalist will often give a commentary of the passing scenery, and you don’t want to miss a highlight. An outside cabin will also provide a view of the surroundings, the window will not be as large, and is a good budget alternative. Will you be disappointed in an inside cabin? No, there are plenty of places to sit by a window & enjoy the view.


Is it a caribbean cruise? Are you an on the go person, who rarely spends a minute in your room? You might enjoy an inside cabin. You can get the best prices on the ship, and still enjoy all the same amenities as the other passengers. As a bonus to those folks who have trouble sleeping after the sun rises, your cabin will be perfect for an extra few minutes of quality sleep. Why might you want a balcony on type of sailing? It is a great spot to just lounge on your own deck & enjoy some private time, or enjoy breakfast on the balcony in the perfect weather. An ocean view cabin will allow you to enjoy the scenery, and keep up with whats going on around you, but still save a little money.


Are you on a transatlantic? If you are sailing a balcony cabin on a TA cruise, take the time to factor in the direction the cruise ship is traveling, so you can enjoy sunrise & sunset from your balcony. As a bonus if the weather is a bit cool, the extra sunshine will make the balcony warmer. On a TA from Europe to the US heading west, get a cabin on the port side, heading back to Europe in the spring, go for the starboard side. Get a sunset view veranda on any ship and you will enjoy views in both directions. This is a great cruise to try a balcony for the first time, as repositioning cruises are typically an excellent bargain.

A good travel agent can help you find which cabin is best for you, so use their experiences to help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

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