Singapore is often a stopover on long-haul south east Asian flights. Many times people don’t take the time to enjoy what this cosmopolitan city has to offer.  Next time you are transiting through, consider adding a day or two to look around.The first thing that you will notice is how clean it is.  Since the laws regarding litter & graffiti are so strictly enforced,  people simply don’t break them.  Then you notice how new the buildings in the downtown core really are. Occasionally you will see a few historic buildings next to the new malls and hotels



During the day go and see the Singapore Botanical Gardens, but be aware this garden is very large, so be prepared to do some walking, and bring some bottled water.


Path_At_Singapore_National_Botanical_Garden_Luxury_Cruise_and_Travel Entrance_to_Orchid_Gardens_Singapore_Luxury_Cruise_and_travel



Not to be missed at night is the light show at the Marina Bay Sands. This huge shopping and entertainment complex features a13 minute light and sound extravaganza, two times every evening. Just finding the exit of this enormous mall can take some navigating.  They feature live music, as will as fireworks.  Check the local schedule for the times as they do vary.


A must see in Chinatown is the Sri Mariamma Temple.  This Hindu Temple is the oldest in Singapore, and dates back to 1827.



Also famous is the Singapore Zoo, a bus provides transportation multiple times a day.  Many times you will hear about  the Hawker Centers as a must do place to eat.  These centers scattered throughout the city feature multiple dining choices in one location, and are a Singapore tradition.  What is not often mentioned is that there are also huge food courts in the basements of the shopping with sometimes as many as 50 different dining choices as well.  Whether you choose the authentic experience, or the air conditioned version these places are a great to sample many dining choices.

With so much to see and do, this city deserves a little extra time.

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