2.TIS may provide or entrust to third parties, in writing or electronically, personal data on the group`s directors and employees, if necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In this case, TIS enters into a confidentiality agreement on the processing of personal data with the third party. 3.La transmission of personal data within the TIS INTEC Group TIS may transmit personal data about group executives and employees to companies in the group if necessary to achieve the utilization objective. For more information, please consult the TIS INTEC-Group.In this case, TIS will enter into a confidentiality agreement on the handling of personal data with parties with whom personal data is shared. 3.3. Customer participation in software maintenance/reporting or defects 3.3.1. Claims for defects must always be made via the TIS ticketing system and the phone number provided by trained key users. The message should accurately describe the defect (including the conditions in which it occurs, the symptoms and the effects of the deficiency). 3.3.2. The customer must allow TIS to access on-site extensions to its own premises and access to the necessary hardware and software, as well as the technical facilities necessary for its normal hours of operation. To the extent that the emergency of the care service requires it, access is also granted outside of the client`s normal business hours. 3.3.3.

The client appoints a qualified employee, available as an interlocutor and empowered to make the decisions necessary to carry out the contract. 3.3.4. On request, the customer must communicate the system environment for the software listed in the offer. 3.3.5. The client is required to inform TIS of its application environment and changes to that application environment and the software indicated in the offer, provided they affect TIS` contractual services. 3.3.6. In the case of licensed telecommunications services, the customer provides the necessary technical facilities and allows access to the system in accordance with the contract. 3.3.7. The customer is responsible for backing up the data. 3.4. Service level agreements 3.4.1. The client can agree with TIS of the period in which services must be provided.

3.4.2. Unless otherwise agreed, TIS responds to customer complaints within the following timeframes (“Response Times”): If the opera is prevented, within 4 hours of receiving the notification. In case of disruption within 8 hours of receiving the notification. For other defects within one working day of receiving the notification. 3.4.3. Unless otherwise agreed, TIS will correct defects within the following time frames (“delete time”), a guarantee is a written agreement by which a party, the guarantee, undertakes to answer for the failure of a third party, the client.

3.2. Customer participation 3.2.1. The client will provide appropriate assistance to TIS in providing contract services. In particular, the customer will inform TIS of the rights of use and, if necessary, of the extent of the right to process third parties or the software indicated in the order. The client must provide the necessary information and documents in a timely manner. All other participation services must be agreed separately. The interlocutors are only the responsible interlocutors mentioned in the treaty. 3.2.2.

The customer must inspect the goods immediately after delivery by TIS, as far as possible in the ordinary transaction, and, if they see a defect, notify them immediately. 3.2.3. The client advises TIS by identifying known and reported defects with useful information to detect it, unless other form of advice is agreed to in the event of a default.