This new DEE-UFT agreement also contains our previous agreements (on education programmes, class size, migrant workers, parapros, language teachers and ergo and physiotherapists) so that they are all applicable under this agreement. Unfortunately, in recent weeks and months, this agreement and the agreements made have been profoundly flawed and do not solve the problems facing our communities. This is a predictable by-product of undemocratic decisions by our union leaders, who have made it clear that they are prepared to abandon virtually everything if it means that President Mulgrew can announce an agreement with this government. I am pleased that we can finally vote on the program we have developed. We have a timetable that we are satisfied with, that is not in line with the other agreements, but that works. No class-sized injuries, only mixed roles. We didn`t want to be with another mixed teacher at distance pls. Laughing out loud. Chalkbeat New York@ChalkbeatNY “I`m ready to stop”, A school principal spoke of the agreement between the city and the teachers` union on Friday night We are glad that the UFT and the doE have come to common sense, that teachers, parapros and other school staff should not risk overpowering COVID-19 by commuting through the city and sitting with colleagues in poorly ventilated rooms to teach remotely. Since even the very small progress made in this agreement will not come into force until October 5, this simple request comes too late for pre-K and D75 who have started working personally with students this week, and certainly too late for the tens of thousands of teachers who have to start their classes in person on Tuesday and Thursday. Mark Cannizzaro, president of the school`s Board of Inspectors and Administrators, the union that represents principals, was furious that the Department of Education had not informed school leaders of the agreement, with many details of teachers learning in their schools on Friday nights.

Teacher programs that violate the DEE-UFT agreement on schedules and class sizes must be modified, unless the school chapter agrees with the curriculum, as is done through a school-based option vote (SBO). In some cases, the UFT Superintendent and District Representative or the District Representative and The Executive Chief can help school leaders and chapter leaders find common ground on these issues. Live streaming is a person`s choice and should not be included in an SBO proposal. Headteachers have some leeway and can ask 20% of teachers who have remote orders to travel to school buildings with appropriate notice. The agreement does not say how much an announcement is sufficient. Under the agreement, these housing units are only considered in schools that need to occupy more distance positions. Schools are now allowed to take on teacher schedules and tasks that do not fit well with the union`s prior agreement.