And there are rewards for the less gifted in ATAR, a $20,000 scholarship for candidates with 88 or more university rankings, and $6,000 for those who score 84 points. The data also show that the institutes that reported that they decreased significantly were ahead of the system-wide figures. The food industry published international figures of student course changes for the first quarter. Most categories have increased with the total student population. But not the number that has been reported for compassionate/imperative reasons. Last year, there were 9212 in the Q1 category, this year there are 30,798. Bendigo and Adelaide bank provide $1.1 million in scholarships for 287 rural and regional higher education students who cannot study at home. This will be useful when they are finally allowed to go to a campus. Sonal Singh (UTS) on the digital separation of skills between regional/low SES students and others. This week`s contribution to the editor`s series contributing Sally Kift on what is now needed in teaching and learning. Merlin Crossley (UNW) on the life without direction of the laboratory manager.

University scholarships are automatically awarded to young people leaving school with ATARS of 97 who apply and then register. The Best Chancellor Scholarships are “valued” up to $29,000 and include “an optional foreign study program” that may not have many participants. Higher education is the most difficult, with 3592 last year at 19,310. Dirk Mulder is KMM`s international education correspondent Everything is not bad – at least since the end of March, this was not the case. As the Department of Education, Skills and Employment points out, there were 60,000 Chinese student visa holders outside Australia who had not been deferred. We have to wait and see what they think of their first semester of online learning. 07 Dec 2020Swinburne U offers discounts that start at the top as flinders U platforms Microsoft uses to keep its community informed of COVID-19. 04 Dec 2020ICAC warns: “Opportunities for corruption” in SA Uni cultures There is a swag of students who are technically counted as studies in the registration/start dates that we now know.