The Government of Canada is considering the benefits of implementing a DPA regime, not as a substitute for criminal prosecutions, but as an additional instrument used by prosecutors. Since a company that complies with the rules of a data protection authority will avoid a conviction, the prospect of a dpa can promote self-reporting of wrongdoing and thus improve detection and enforcement. A: If you think of some kind of arrangement that a prosecutor could make with someone who has been charged with a crime, it`s really about doing things faster than if you went to court. One of the things that the prosecutor would consider when deciding to negotiate one of these agreements is the way in which the alleged offence was brought to the attention of the prosecutor: they want to encourage voluntary disclosure. Since the early 1990s, PGDs have been widely used in the United States as an instrument to crack down on corporate crime, particularly for crimes under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, although they can also be used with individuals. There have been many significant enforcement actions on the part of the DPA. Except in limited cases, prosecutors have the power to provide a data protection authority for each federal crime for which criminal proceedings are pending. A data protection authority is not available for cases where: the accused has two or more convictions; The offence relates to national security or foreign affairs; the accused (or has been) a public servant and is charged with an offence that constitutes a violation of public trust; or Department of Justice Policy prescribes that the offence must be diverted to the Crown. Data protection authorities must punish criminal behaviour and discourage wrongdoing. They maintain aspects of a negotiated plea, including admitting facts and imposing a fine. As a general rule, data protection authorities stipulate that defendants must cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, identify those responsible, implement or improve compliance measures and forego profits. An independent business monitor may be appointed to ensure compliance with the data protection authority`s conditions throughout its lifespan. If the conditions of data protection authorities are considered too lenient or if APDs are considered inappropriate in cases that are generally considered inappropriate, public confidence in the criminal justice system may be compromised.

In December 2016, France passed a law that allowed the application of a deferred prosecution agreement. [7] In 2017, Australia`s justice minister introduced a federal CCA regime. [8] On March 27, 2018, the PSPC issued a press release announcing the improvement of the “government integrity regime” which it described as “a made-in-Canada version of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) known as the Remediation Regime Agreement.