It may require more effort and time than some other methods; For the same reason, cooperation may not be feasible if timing is crucial and if a quick fix or quick response is needed. An absolutely essential aspect of being a good leader is understanding how to deal with conflict. There are other, more direct and diagnostic methods that could be used in appropriate circumstances. However, the great strength of the non-directive-free approach[nb 2] lies in its simplicity, effectiveness and deliberately avoiding the diagnosis and interpretation of the emotional problems of the counsellor-manager that would require special psychological training. The problem of employees is unlikely to listen with sympathy and understanding, and it is a widely used approach to helping people deal with problems that affect their effectiveness in the workplace. [37] There are two views on conflicts or differences of opinion between people. The traditional view says, “Conflicts are bad and should be totally discouraged,” and the new modern view says that conflicts can be constructive and good, and that different ways of thinking should be encouraged in order to obtain several ideas and solutions to problems. Definition: Mediation is a voluntary process in which an impartial person (the Ombudsman) helps communicate and promotes reconciliation between the parties, allowing them to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediation is often the next step if negotiations fail. It is therefore important to have a clear understanding of what conflict is, why conflicts occur, challenges in conflict resolution and different methods of conflict resolution. Conflict management, if done properly, can even increase an organization`s organizational learning through questions asked during the process. A party stands firmly in the face of a situation that it deems fair and does not surrender until it imposes itself. Smoothing is welcoming the worries of others in the first place, instead of their own concerns.

This type of strategy can be used when the issue of conflict is much more important to counterparties, while the other is not particularly relevant. It can also be applied if someone accepts that he or she is wrong and, moreover, there is no other way than to pursue a competing undignified situation. Just as withdrawal may be an option to find at least one solution over time or to obtain more time and information, however, it is not conceivable that priority interests will be at stake. Conflicts include differences in timetables, costs, priorities, technical expertise, resources, administrative procedures and personality. Personality conflicts should be a complete deterrent. Once the teacher has taken the student`s point of view into account, comments should be made on the impact of the student`s behaviour on the role of the teacher. The teacher`s comments should be effective, focus on messages I and encourage the student to think about the effects of his or her behaviour. They should not be passive, excused, hostile or aggressive, but factual, like.B. “Charlie, you`re talking while I`m talking.” Comments should focus on messages I that focus on the impact of behaviour on teacher teaching and on learning from other students (Seifert- Sutton).